Sunday, January 12, 2014

How To Get Out Of The "Rut"

Hi everyone, Yesterday I talked abut seizing the day and how to take charge of your life. However, the one unavoidable event you'll encounter is a rut. EVERYONE faces them and what separates the good from the great is their ability to overcome the rut and keep on following their dream. Getting into the rut is sadly the easy part. It can happen at any turn. Either A. You start to lose the passion you had for whatever it was(i.e Working Out, Studying, Investing, Reading, etc.) or B. You face a setback such as losing big on an investment or an injury that stops you from working out. Both of these paths are close to unavoidable, meaning simply no matter what you do one day you'll have to face the adversity.

To deal with Option A is a complex yet simple 3 step process:

  1. If you start to lose the passion remember why you started in the first place. 
  2. Once you remember loo at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself your not giving up
  3. Immediately after step two find an easy and fun way to essentially "Start It Up Again"
To deal with option B is simple and takes time in this 3 step process:

  1. Once you suffer the setback convince yourself its not the end of the world.
  2. Once that is done (The ONLY time you'll hear me say this) take a day off from whatever it may be.
  3. The following day start your process towards recovering from whatever setback it may be.

Now that you know the two ways to get out of a rut take any scenario you can think of and let me know if these wouldn't work, I firmly believe they would be amazingly effective. If you disagree please leave a comment below I LOVE FEEDBACK. Also check out Amazon's "New Year New You" deal to help you get out of the rut. THANKS AND HAVE A BLESSED YEAR!!!

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