Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Book For The Ages

Hi everybody, To take a different path then the "How To" type post, in this blog I'm writing about the book I just recently read. The name of this book is "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki. You may be wondering how this book relates to motivation success and seizing opportunities but trust me when I say it played a huge role in developing my psyche and how I see the world(And its opportunities). This book is centered around Robert Kiyosaki's life growing up. As he states in the book he grew up in Hawaii to a hard working intelligent dad who despite what you may think is the "Poor dad" in his life. The rich dad was his best friend's dad who knew how to manage his life and make money working for him. All of this may sound crazy until you read is book and see why I'm so ecstatic about it. Here is 3 simple steps on how to get this book at its best:

  1. Look to the right of this blog and you'll see an amazon ad for books.
  2. Click it follow the link and find "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"

You may like eBooks then buy it through that same link but in my honest opinion I'd rather read something in hand then have to squint reading it on a device such as an Apple iPad or Kindle, etc.

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